Overhead Conveyors

We offering Roller Conveyor, Chain Conveyor, Belt Conveyor For Different Industries Like Food Processing, Automotive, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Warehousing And Logistics Etc.

Overhead Conveyors

The conveyors installed in a hanging position with minimal use of the ground area are denominated as Overhead conveyors¸ The use of overhead conveyor systems in factory settings is a great way to conserve space and man power.

These type of conveyors are helpful in moving items between stations, especially in very large facilities and are custom made and assembled as per the customers' requirements. Overhead conveyors are vastly used in automobile industry, auto ancillaries and accessories, consumer durables, food industry and more. The chief applications of overhead conveyors include assembly lines, delivery of empty cartons to order pickers, warehousing and distribution, paint finishing, creative displays for retail, manufacturing and assembly.

Man power is saved, by allowing for large quantities of products to move quickly through an area, instead of needing to be carried by employees. With them being suspended in the air, these systems also make for excellent optimization of a facility's entire space. It has been found that the noise reduction achieved with these systems allows for a much safer work place.