Modular Conveyors

We offering Roller Conveyor, Chain Conveyor, Belt Conveyor For Different Industries Like Food Processing, Automotive, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Warehousing And Logistics Etc.

Modular Conveyors

Though belt conveyors and roller conveyors have an important role to play in the automation and process, modular conveyors have their own role to play. Modular conveyors largely work on the concept of belt conveyors except for the drive mechanisms and the belt.

Modular conveyors are basically categorised as

Modular Plastic belt Conveyors : There are a lot of industrial and food applications which the belt conveyors and other types of conveyors are unable to cater to. Our Modular conveyors have an answer to a lot of those. Plastic Modular Belts offer highly rugged yet flexible design choices. These are used is Fruits and vegetables, Food Processing & packing, Bakery and snack food application, freezers, Engineering industry, Packing lines, Dip tank applications and a lot more.

Slat chain conveyors : The Slat Chain systems are highly used in bottling, packing, Aluminium Cans, PET & HDPE Bottles in Dairy Food, Food processing & packing, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Durables and more.